WPDC Vision



Sustained socio-economic development for the parish of Westmoreland through collaboration with stakeholders


To foster effective governance of community groups, clubs, societies and agencies thereby providing avenues for value maximization for the citizens of the parish of Westmoreland


  • Encourage the development of civic pride and a spirit of patriotism in the parish
  • Encourage the participation of all citizens in the orderly development of the parish
  • Organize the citizens so that proper representation may be made to the appropriate authorities for provision and proper maintenance of the amenities necessary for modern living.
  • Promote matters of civic, national, social, economic, educational, environmental, cultural and good governance, which are beneficial to the Parish
  • Develop and promote mentor relationships to create a foundation for future community stability.
  • Collaborate with other Community Based Organisations, State Agencies, Business and financial interests in the parish, and give guidance towards enhancing growth and development in a timely, sustainable, and achievable manner.
  • Ensure communities come together to form development area committees to unite the communities and to foster community bonding and unity, and to develop strong community and civic pride.
  • To facilitate the preparation of a sustainable Parish Development Plan to ensure orderly development of the parish

Current Constiution

Download the current constitution in PDF format here: Westmoreland PDC Benevolent Society Constitution 2014

Operational Plan

Download the current operational plan in PDF format here: OPERATIONAL PLAN 2014

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