Committee History

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The first meeting of the Westmoreland Parish Development Committee (WPDC) was held on November 9, 1999.  On this day the Chairman, Rev. Caulton Wilson, Vice Chairman Mr. Roy Hutchinson and the recording Secretary, Ms. Hilma Tate were elected.   To date WPDC continues the thrust of fostering avenues for the development of the parish through a number of sub-committees.

The Westmoreland PDC was registered as a Benevolent Society under the Friendly Societies Act, 1966, on September 12, 2014. At its Inaugural General meeting held October 30, 2014 the following persons were elected to serve as on the Committee of Management:

Elected Officers

Pius Lacan                                      Chairman

Michael Jackson                             1st Vice Chairman

Moses Chybar                                 2nd Vice Chairman

Ivel Grant                                        General Secretary

Meneve Malcolm                              Assistant Secretary

Ulit Wright                                       Treasurer

Linwall McFarlane                            Assistant Treasurer

Heather Dennisur                             Public Relations Officer

Collebert Blake                                Volunteer Coordinator


The Committee is represented by members of the following organizations: 

Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce

Negril Chamber of Commerce

Active DAC’s or CDC’s


Ex officio members agreed according to the constitution are:

The very Rev. Canon The Honourable Hartley D. Perrin C.D, J.P       Custos

His Worship the Mayor Cllr. Bertel Moore O.D, J.P                           Mayor

Opal Beharie (Secretary Manager)                                                   Parish Council

Beau Rigabie                                                                                 Supt. of Police

Ron Daley (Parish Manager)                                                            SDC


Sub Committees & Chairpersons:

Audit                                          David Dennisur

Projects                                     Moses Chybar

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