WPDC/ JSIF Summer Camp Russia 2015

The Westmoreland Parish Development Committee Benevolent Society (WPDCBS) was granted $1.2 million to facilitate a summer camp in Ornament Fish for thirty (30) youths from the community of Russia in Savanna-la-mar. The summer camp was held on August 17-22, 2015 and included a field trip to a small ornamental fish farm in Hanover.

Participants were trained in the care and management of ornamental fishing business. The training was conducted by the a team of five (5) Extension Officers from the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries, Aquaculture Branch. The training enabled participants to use the new skill as an alternate source of income in a rather uncertain fishing profession which most households depend on for sustenance and remains the main source of income.

Major areas of focus included:

  • Training of participants in the management and care of ornamental fish
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Industry analysis of ornamental fish
  • Marketing potential
  • Construction and assembly of ornamental fish production units

Twenty Six (26) participants received certificates for successfully completing the camp.


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